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  • A T-shirt with a back-style three-dimensional chain embroidery that gives it a strong presence.
  • Since it has a basic form, it can also be used as an inner for haori in the chilly season.
  • T-shirts that look fashionable with just one piece or layered clothes can be worn in any season.
  • A T-shirt made of 100% cotton with excellent absorbency and a solid fabric.
  • It is a pop design with patterns and colors that make you feel paradise Hawaii.
  • A daily use item that is easy to match with denim and chinos and never gets tired.
  • Perfect for fashion not only in resort areas such as Hawaii but also in towns. It is comfortable to wear and you can relax both physically and mentally from stress.
  • Surfers can coordinate fashionably with these T-shirts.

Medium: Length/68.5cm, Shoulder width/45.5cm, Width/52.5cm
Large: Length/72.5cm, Shoulder width/48cm, Width/55cm
XLarge: Length/73.5cm, Shoulder width/49.5cm, Width/59cm

【Material】100% cotton

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Our brand name came from the saying that goes, "Hawaii is hula and hula is Hawaii". Hula represents the Hawaiian culture itself, including dancing, chanting, singing, and spirit. In addition, lani means heaven. As the name says, Hulalani Hawaii offers items reminiscent of the paradise of Hawaii.

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